d-FAIRs Virtual Fairs

  • The epidemic period caused serious damage to many business areas, especially to SMEs and cooperatives.
  • The damage was even greater in SME’s established by Syrians, one of the most vulnerable groups.
  • A significant part of traditional ways of doing business has become impractical. The need for new ways of doing business has increased a lot.
  • In order to strengthen the livelihoods of vulnerable groups in Turkey, increase the business potential of entrepreneurs and adapt to the new era, İNGEV launched the virtual fair social enterprise.
  • These activities will be organized in a way to support opening our country to new foreign market segments.
  • d-FAIRs, Virtual Fairs are limited to supporting refugee entrepreneurship, cooperatives, young and women entrepreneurs and other disadvantaged groups.

Why Should You Visit

Ingev d-FAIRs Women Apparel and Footwear Virtual Fair will enable visitors from Turkey and all over the World to Access easily and at low cost  to many products and manufacturers and offers the opportunity to make business connection. The fair, which can be accessed from anywhere and from any device, offers many advantages:

  • Meeting with manufacturers and products,
  • Making business connections in suitable conditions,
  • Finding new suppliers in pandemic conditions,
  • Improving sectoral connections,
  • Go forward in competition,
  • Supporting entrepreneurship correctly and innovatively,
  • Experiencing the virtual fair…

Why You Need To Participate?

Ingev d-FAIRs Women Apparel and Footwear Virtual Fair is the first digital event that brings together Syrian Entrepreneur SMEs in Women’s Clothing & Footwear sector, for the first time, in Turkey. This widely advertised event aims to provide participants with many benefits, some of which are written below:

  • Meet with purchasing teams from Turkey and all over the world,
  • As an innovative company, you can expand your brand,
  • You can find business opportunities,
  • You can develop long-term relationships,
  • You can strengthen your sector contacts,
  • You can increase your knowledge with business meetings and seminars,..

INGEV d-FAIRs Women Apparel and Footwear Virtual Fair it is done with the support of Building Markets.



Virtual Fair Promotion Film

Fair Info

INGEV d-FAIRs Women Apparel and Footwear Virtual Fair


Endless Fairs

12 – 15 th September 2020   (3 days online, 4 days on demand)


10 – 17, gmt +3 (7 hours per day)